I Can

I can. Those two words are more important in our world than most people want to admit! Think about it; the "I can attitude" is what separates the winners from the losers. If you go through life thinking "I can not"; you are beat before you ever start any task or attempt to do anything.

So; how can you develop the "I can or can do" attitude?

The easy way is to eliminate "can not and impossible" from your vocabulary. I know; this is not possible but you can approach everything you do with a positive attitude.

When a baby makes the move from crawling to walking there is no conscious negative thought of failure. Sure we all got scrapes and bumps and there was a fair amount of tears that were shed but we actually mastered the coordination and made the transition from crawling to walking.

Did you know that the bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly? Aerodynamically; his body is not designed for flight. His body is too fat and his wings are too short. Obviously, he is too ignorant to realize the facts so he just takes off and does what bumblebees do!

We are all thankful that he does! The point is; the bees just do it!

If you encounter a task that seems difficult you need to break it down into components. Do not allow yourself paralysis by analysis; just break the task into small portions and then work on each item separately. I know this is very simplistic but try it.

More times than not; you will find the ultimate solution to any task very simple. Sometimes we tend to complicate our lives by over thinking a problem.

We have all heard that Edison tried several thousand different experiences to develop the light bulb and when asked about all his failures but he had eliminated several thousand of ideas that would not work. He was confident and knew that he would find a winning combination to develop a working electric light bulb. Time proved that he was right!

Have you ever watched an advertisement for a new gadget on the television and thought "I had that idea a long time ago"? The guy that had the same idea and acted upon it was making a small fortune while your procrastination got you nothing!

Eliminate self doubt and procrastination; have faith in yourself and take action when you have a good idea. Develop the "I can" and "can do" attitude; it will make your life happy and successful!