Commercial Pilot Training – Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about getting doing a commercial pilot training course? Could it really be quite as difficult as you feel to achieve your commercial pilots licence? Where exactly can you study and also how much money is it supposed to cost? Am I in a position to have a commercial pilot licence medical? There are so many thoughts that you will want to ask before beginning your actual commercial pilot career.

To be a commercial pilot and getting paid money to fly is a fantasy for a great many. Not only will another person pay for all of your flying but you will be challenged each step of the way. You will have a heap of chances to come across interesting people coupled with looking at the whole world from a “birds eye view” – something most of us don’t experience commonly, if at all. Nevertheless, deciding to begin commercial pilot training is an immense and very expensive exercise – and not one which can be done easily. Besides the undeniable fees, you also need to consider the degree of motivation necessary to build and consequently maintain the associated skills at a professional pilot level. Your state of health coupled with fitness may well have to be improved so you are allowed to maintain a commercial pilot medical. The following paragraphs will look at many of the essential issues you ought to take into account and will give you some guidelines as to ways to begin fulfilling your wish to have a commercial pilot career and begin your training for your commercial pilots licence.


There are really very few basic requirements you must be able to satisfy to commence your commercial pilot training.

You must have the ability to: Speak in English

Complete a basic medical test before flying alone

Be no less than sixteen years of age to fly by yourself

However, to be able to go beyond holding a private pilot licence and have your commercial pilots licence, you will need to pass a more extensive medical exam (class 1 in lots of places). Don’t let this prerequisite frighten you. People imagine if they have eyesight or health problems, this can stop them from possessing a commercial pilot medical – this concern is really, in most instances unfounded. Lots of commercial pilots possess some type of health issues (eg blood pressure level, cholesterol, eyesight correction, even missing limbs!) and can certainly still hold a commercial pilots medical. The whole thing boils down to the specific medical matter together with your individual country’s commercial medical requirements. You quite often find you just have to consult a specialist and secure validation from them. Have a word with your own country’s aviation governing body (FAA, CAA, CASA, etc) and ask to discuss the issue with their medical adviser. They will be able to advise you very fast on what precisely can and can’t be done and the correct way.


Almost all flying is costly! Commercial pilot training is generally a lot more expensive as the planes you will end up training in are likely to be higher performance. At the same time realise that the commercial pilots licence is NOT the final stage either. There appears to often be one additional endorsement, rating or licence it is necessary to have. As an example, it could be a multi engine rating, instrument rating, instructor rating, jet endorsement or even merely more time. You can also get endless variations produced by the authorities which often manage to think up different ways to charge for further things also (medicals, security checks etc) therefore don’t be tricked into believing that after you have finished the initial training for your commercial pilot licence that it’s all over.

If you chat with the various flying schools and receive information on costs – always remember that the figure they give you for commercial pilot training is based on the LOWEST hours required! You will need to factor in an added 20% on top of whatever they suggest for unexpected things – and I’m not speaking of just having to spend additional time performing a sequence because you didn’t get it the first-time round. Climatic condition, more landing and airways charges, exam resits, more charts and books as well as a million different “extras” which you must have all accumulate! The very last thing you will want to do is get to within a couple of hours of the last commercial pilot check and run short of money.

Don’t be utterly frustrated though. There are quite often imaginative ways to lower your flying costs as well, most notably while you are accumulating the needed flight hours for the commercial pilots licence flight examination. Take for instance, when you have your private pilots licence, friends and family will want to come flying with you and they can help to cover the expense of hiring the plane. You may also come across individuals that are flying a plane somewhere for business or simply pleasure and may love you to come along for the trip and to share the flying. Several businesses and organisations at your current airport terminal will occasionally want aircraft repositioned to other places. If you should talk with them they might be quite happy for you to do it on their behalf free of charge. Its going to save them paying for one of their personnel to do it and you pretty much got some 100 percent free flying! Think outside the box.

Flying Facilities:

It is most extremely important to make a careful assessment with regards to which flying school and perhaps more significantly, the pilot instructor. You definitely should try to pay a visit to quite a few flying schools and check them out. Interview a number of the flying instructors. Ask them plenty of questions and check what way they answer as well as what they answer. You are able to tell tons about how decent a teacher is purely by talking with them. Talk with a handful of the trainees to get a feel for how trainees are trained and treated all through their commercial pilot training. Climb in several of the instructing planes they are going to use to teach commercial pilot trainees to look at what kind of shape they are in and just how well they may be cared for. You don’t have to examine just how the engine was rebuilt but take some time to glance inside and determine if the cabins are clean and sorted, whether it appears tidy or are there items fixed on with electrical tape and cord and wires suspended all around you!

Take a moment to see if you possibly could relate to the pilot instructor and if you enjoy the atmosphere of the facility. You intend on spending a considerable amount of time and cash there! Every school and trainer is totally different therefore locate one you want and can understand and relate with before starting training there. Like it is with all studying, the trainer can make or break the experience. A number of schools specialise in instructing pilots commercially for airlines whilst many are more customised toward hobby flying. Regardless of which style the school specialises in they are required to all maintain a high standard of training. If you happen to discover something or feel even slightly uncomfortable about their degree of competence – go to a different place. Always remember, you will certainly be paying a lot of cash to them – you need to get a lot out!!

You may wind up going to some schools and getting a small number of trial flights. Okay this can cost a bit but trust me – when you get the suitable coach from the very beginning – it will eventually end up saving you thousands!!!

Alright – Now you need to make up your mind. Do I actually want to have a Commercial Pilots Licence? Do I want to go through all of the energy associated with doing the commercial pilot training curriculum? Will I want to pilot planes day after day in all different kinds of weather? Do I think I will handle the difficulties of flying at a commercial pilot performance level? Do I wish to be paid to fly? Let me to tell you from my experience – you will see the world and have experiences that you have never even dreamed likely. Was it truly worth exactly what it cost me to reach exactly where I am now – WITHOUT A DOUBT!