New Piper Aircraft – Things You Should Know About Them

"Piper Aircraft" was "New Piper Aircraft" in the year in 1995.This air craft manufacturing company, originally started in 1927 by Clarence Gilbert Taylor and Gordon A Taylor in Rochester, New York, has over the years, undergone a metamorphosis in terms of its name and fame and now stands as one of the most reputed icons of the aviation industry. One of its latest offerings, the "Piper Jet" is a wonder babe in the skies and promises to out do all aircraft in its class.

Flights from Fancy

This wonder bird of the skies is a high performance jet that cruises at speeds of 360 knots, has a mission range of 1300 nautical miles and a full-fuel payload of 800 lbs. This legendary luxury class jet, incorporating cutting edge technology and the latest safety technoly features certifies it for altitudes that take you above the weather. The Piper jet's clean sheet design and strong, smooth all-metal body enhances its angelic appearance.

The major design features of this Piper Jet are: –

Design for safety in case of an engine rotor bust

Piper Automatic Trim System (PATS).

Single engine operations.

Luxury and Comfort

The Piper jet sports Dynamic Seats for maximum comfort and beauty and is certified to conform to the highest safety standards.

The Advanced Cockpit is designed to incorporate the next generation avionics and control systems available.

The oversized 36-inch door provides ease of entry for passengers and cargo.

The Wing Spar is located below the cabin floor to create more cabin space and increase passenger comfort.

The Luxury Club Seating provides a larger seating area that provides more legroom and increased personal space.

Incorporates built in flexibility to accommodate either an additional Seventh Seat, or a lavatory or storage space.


Piper Aircraft also has on offer (as an optional add-on) for its aircraft the Piper Inadvertent Icing Protection System (PIIPS) that allows you to remove icing from the propeller, wings and horizontal stabilizer. This advanced "wiping Wing Technology" provides peace of mind and confidence that icy conditions can be handled with ease.

High speeds, supple contours, Stellar avionics and safety features are the Key Selling Propositions of this legend of the skies that assures you "Freedom of Flight". reason to take to the skies.