Things You Must Know About Singapore Prawns

Prawn consumption is astounding all over the world, particularly in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

In the Jumbo Prawn Mekong Noodle Soup in Singapore, Vannamei Prawn singapore are served. Each prawn is about 23 cm in length and costs about $8 per kilo, with roughly 4-6 prawns each kilo.

Starting with the spectacular  Jumbo Tiger Prawn, these legendary prawns caused the Newton Circus food market to become famous after 8 of them have been sold to just a few naive American tourists for a whopping $239! So, what exactly are these prawns, so how much do these charge?

What you need to know about the biggest prawn worldwide

The biggest prawn in the world, the Jumbo Tiger Prawn, is obtained from local waters. It can reach a length of 33cm and is easily identified by the pale and black stripes all over its tail. The Teochews dubbed them Gao Chap Hei, which refers to their unusual stripes.

Jumbo caught in the wild Connoisseurs admire tiger prawns, but farmed prawns are often avoided. The wild species are easy to recognise in Singapore’s wet markets because they are usually large and appear in a variety of colours ranging from greenish-black to rusty brown.

The cultivated ones are usually homogeneous in size and colour. Tiger prawns raised on farms are significantly less expensive. The tiny ones cost roughly $23/kg and are widely available in supermarkets. Most fishmongers who take pride in providing high-quality seafood would not sell it.

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