Know All Important Points About 6 Months Medical Examination, 6me

What is a Medical Examination?

The medical examination basically means the full body check-up of a person and diagnosing every organ carefully. A medical examination is also known by the term like physical examination and clinical examination. The aim of a medical expert and health professional in a medical examination is to check the whole body of the person very carefully and also check if there is any kind of sign or symptom of a disease that can happen in nearby future. The purpose of a clinical examination is to maintain the body properly by keeping it in regular surveillance. In medical examination there is often a term, 6me and people are quite interested to know about this term in detail.

What is a 6 Month Medical Examination?

The 6-month medical examination, commonly known as 6me. This type of medical examination is basically related to MDW. MDW stands for migrant domestic workers and it is a rule of MDW that during employment of a migrant domestic it is compulsory for him to go on for a medical examination regularly for a period of six months. In this six-month medical examination, a person is basically checked for pregnancy, and mainly infectious diseases like syphilis, AIDS, TB, etc.

Service under Medical Examination

The services include the full check-up related to covid, service and advice of home care, and all things necessary for wellness.


The six-month medical check-up, 6me is a full medical check-up of the domestic migrant workers for various infectious diseases like covid, HIV, TB, syphilis, etc.

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