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Grouper fish is a delectable fish that can be consumed in various ways. It is one of the most popular fish used for preparing gumbo or for dishes such as blackened grouper fillet. Grouper may be served grilled, fried, baked, or raw. The fish can be costly in some restaurants, mainly imported from the south of the border.

There are three types of grouper fish, but the angelfish is the best known and most popular among consumers. It has a taste that is very similar to salmon and tuna. Grouper is also called green or grey and belongs to a type of fish known as warm water grouper.

Another type of Grouper whose taste resembles salmon is the red Grouper. Grouper belonging to this variety has mild tasting flesh and even pink color. Like other types, grouper fish singapore has a dark red or brown line running vertically along its back.

The fish can be prepared in different ways and using different spices. It is perhaps best known for the traditional red grouper dish called blackened grouper fillet, also known as black Grouper. The fillets are dipped in a batter made from flour, egg whites, and cornbread mix and then deep fried until they become crispy brown and crunchy. The blackening of the fish is done by applying olive oil to the fillets on top of a grill or under a broiler until they turn black. Given its high price, it is not easy to obtain grouper fish in the market. It would be best if you were very sure to purchase fresh Grouper, or else you may end up with an overcooked fish that is barely fit for consumption.

Fresh Grouper is available in some markets, such as Big Lots, for a low cost. If you plan to eat fresh Grouper, make sure you buy only certified fresh Grouper from a reliable supplier. One of the best options to buy live Grouper is from online retailers like Whole Foods Market. The price of Grouper would be expensive if bought from retail outlets, since it might be thawed out and brought back up to market temperature.

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